Women and Black Christian Dating

As a woman, you have high hopes for any person that you will spend your time with. Black Christian dating is often difficult for women because many of their values and expectations in men are so low. How can it be possible to actually find someone to love and to be passionate about when they keep letting you down? Women often take on a role in a relationship and that role could hinder the relationship considerably. As a woman, keep the following tips and resources in mind as you start dating.

#1: You Can't Fix Him

One of the biggest mistakes that many women make is trying to fix a man that may have significant flaws. For example, Christian women often are very forgiving of the flaws of the man and they often will settle for men who have a very difficult past or who are lacking in some way. The key is not to focus on people because you want to help them, at least not in terms of dating. As a Christian, you will always have your hand out to help others, but do not make the mistake of believing that you can fix every man that enters your life. You can't and chances are good you will suffer in the long term.

#2: Do Not Expect The World

Another instance that occurs in some black Christian dating situations is that women find themselves in a relationship that was not what they thought it would be. Perhaps you thought that your man would always be available to you or that they would spend hours with you each day. Perhaps you thought that a man in your life would be dedicating himself and his money to you and that just has not occurred. The problem here is that your expectations are so high than no man could ever meet it. In return, you will be disappointed and you will find yourself in a situation where he leaves because he cannot make you happy, something that he wants to do. Lower your expectations going into a relationship and allow him to impress you.

#3: Do Not Be Negative

Yet another problem with women and black Christian dating is that many women only see the negative. It could be in themselves, in others, in those they hope to date or in the world in general. Unless you are positive, motivated and happy, a man will not be attracted to you. He or she may even try to make you happy because he believes that it is just too hard to do so. The key here is that you should be positive and motivated. Try to see the good that the world is offering to you, even if the bad is clouding it over.

Black Christian dating can be a lot of fun and it can be a success, but you need to look at this relationship in the right light if you hope for it to be beneficial. Most women will have fun doing so.


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